Comic Relief Puck

Yes, that will be next.

5 days without my laptop and internet felt like 5 years.

But I’m back! And will get started on new memes sometime soon

Can’t Make Up Her Mind Casca

Did this while I was drunk… sorry if it’s not good. If it doesn’t do well I guess I’ll do a new one. :)

Fucked Up Farnese

Next meme will be “Fucked Up Farnese”

Courtesy of my girlfriend.

Sometime tomorrow, please feel free to reblog and give out some juicy jokes. Gonna need some help. I’ll use yours if its good! :)

Stereotypical Medieval Christian Mozgus

Not Nice Nosferatu Zodd

Apologies for the typos on the memes. I was probably a little drunk.


Guts of Glory